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Mom memories

I’d be remiss if I didn’t write about moms on my May blog. Whether you’re a mom of 1 or 4, a mom of boys or girls, a new mom or a seasoned mom, you’re doing it alone or you have the support of your partner, you know a mom is someone very special! This blog is not to say that dads aren’t special too, but for May, let’s focus on moms.

Being a mom is amazing! It all starts the moment you find out you’re about to become a mom. Before that moment, you didn’t understand how you could possibly feel such a strong love and feel such a deep connection with someone you’ve never met. Immediately, you feel a need to give all of you like you never have before.

My mom raised four kids, each just over a year apart 😲. I don’t know how she did it, but she (and dad) managed to own a business, run a household and raise four very rowdy and independent kids on a very tight budget! Some of my favorite memories of my mom are cooking with her, and for her when she just needed a break from the kitchen. I think that’s where my love for cooking and baking started. My other siblings stayed out of the kitchen, so it was “mom and me” time.

Now, I have two daughters and want to carry on that same tradition. Ever since my girls were little, one of my biggest goals as a mom was to teach them how to eat and cook healthy and have an appreciation for good food. We try to make everything from scratch, so we know what’s going into our food and eventually fueling our bodies. I made cooking and baking fun so they’d join me in the kitchen at a very early age. They loved helping by finding new recipes (in cookbooks initially, now on electronic devices), gathering ingredients, measuring, mixing, and the best part - taste testing 😋!

When I asked my girls recently what their favorite “Mom” memories were, my 13-year-old said “when you made grilled cheese with tomato soup for us in tiny purple bowl/plate things” (She was referencing the toddler divided plates.) My oldest, 15, also said that eating picnics on the porch were her favorite.

Those memories bring happy tears to my eyes. I love that their memories are so warm and homey and revolve around food experiences that we still enjoy together today. I’m also so thrilled to see them get excited to help me with Oatballs, trying new flavor combinations, rolling and packing and even with the social media marketing (they are teens, after all). Of course, they still love taste testing the best! But most importantly, they are witnessing the work that goes behind creating and growing a business and seeing their mom become a successful entrepreneur!

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